5 Unexpected Nutrients To Optimize Your Immune System

by Carlie Saint-Laurent Beaucejour, MS, RD, LDN

The immune system protects us from disease by fighting infections. Our immune system function is lowered during stress. It is important to note that no food can “boost your immune system”, as that can potentially lead to an auto-immune disorder, but it can enhance and support your immune health. Consuming higher doses of a mineral and vitamin does not reveal a better immune system function compared to eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. 

Here are 5 nutrients for immune system other than the popularly known and expected nutrient Vitamin C.  Here you can also learn about how to generate paystubs.

Vitamin D

This type of vitamin has many roles such as bone metabolism and yes you guessed it, it supports the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to a higher risk of infections. According to the World Health Organization vitamin d supplement can lower the chance of respiratory tract infection. Fatty fish , egg yolk, beef liver,  Swiss cheese, and fortified foods like orange juice, and milk are  dietary sources of vitamin D.  Also sun exposure of 10-20 minutes a day can help increase intake of vitamin D, during the warmer months. Due to the fact there are minimal dietary food sources containing vitamin D, a supplement is encouraged if you are deficient in this nutrient. The vitamins found in greens powders can reduce your risk of chronic diseases in the long term. Also, try using the Kratom Vancouver supplement to help you be more energetic and help your immune system. Before buying a greens powder product, read this review first: Athletic Greens AG1 Review: Is It Worth The Hype Or Superfood? Don’t Buy Until You Read This


Selenium is a mineral and antioxidant which lowers inflammation and supports the immune system by reducing oxidative stress in our body. Food sources of selenium come from selenium-rich soil like garlic, Brazil nuts, and onions. Other foods are, protein from animal tissue such as, seafood and fish, chicken, and meats. 


Of zinc’s many functions from reproduction, growth, and metabolism, immunity is also on the list. Research shows zinc balances the immune system by slowing the progression of the immune-response and reducing inflammation. Zinc decreases when the body is under stress, so fueling up of zinc-rich foods becomes crucial. Food sources of zinc are beans, chickpeas, yogurt, poultry, eggs, milk, and whole grains. We can find main sources of zinc in meat, poultry, and fish. Although these two nutrients come from similar food sources, it’s good to know that Vitamin D increases the absorption of zinc.


Our gut health plays a major role in our immune system, as about 80% of our immune cells live here! Our gut microbiome helps prevent against pathogens and regulate our immune system, amongst many other functions. Probiotic also known as the “good bacteria” are found in fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, yogurt, or kimchi, which can help promote gut health. If experiencing gut problems, try the functional medicine sibo by Functional Medicine Associates. A probiotic supplement is discouraged as there are over 300 billions strains. Natasha Haskey, a research dietitian states “If you take a probiotic that acts on the wrong type of cell and suppresses the immune system, it can do more harm than good.” Furthermore, the health benefits of consuming probiotics only occur when they are alive and can diminish during their shelf-life.  


Did you know magnesium is involved with over 300 biochemical reactions in our body? Which is why it can help support our immune system. According to the Orthomolecular medicine news service,  70-80% of people in the USA are magnesium deficient! The recommended daily amount of magnesium for adults are 420 mg/day for men and 350 mg/day for women. Food sources of magnesium are beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains,

In short consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains and many of these five nutrients are in one or more of these food groups!

*Always consult with your medical care provider and registered dietitian before starting a new supplement. 







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