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Parents & Children

Family Food team of board certified Registered Dietitians empower parents to create positive mealtimes and environments for children optimizing nutritional health. YOU have the ability to positively impact the nutritional status of your child! Family Food will help you create an eating environment that promotes a healthy weight, increased nutritious food intake, and happy mealtimes with your children.

Adult Nutrition Counseling

Registered Dietitians are the nutrition experts in a variety of nutrition related areas. A Family Food Registered Dietitian will work with you to address the nutrition related questions and concerns you have and tailor a plan specific to you. Our dietitians offer nutrition counseling for adults concerned with weight gain or loss, general healthy eating, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, speeding up your metabolism, eating during pregnancy, and more!

Nutrition Counseling From Registered Dietitians.

Family Food seeks to promote happy and healthy families through nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian in easily accessible settings like your home or at your job site. Registered Dietitians strategize with you to create positive mealtimes for your family.
Our work has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer and MetroKids. We are happy to serve families, individuals, and businesses nationwide.

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