In the coming weeks, our schedules will finally return to normal following the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. With many of us looking to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise, or perhaps start a new plan altogether, we can’t think of a more perfect opportunity to make fitness a family activity. Not only does exercise help prevent heart disease, cancer, and stroke, but it flawlessly complements any healthy eating plan for weight loss or overall well-being at any age. Even more, exercising together will give you and your family the chance to bond over a fun activity that is healthy for all.

It is recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of vigorous activity per day to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and prevent a littany of chronic diseases. An hour might seem like a lot of time, but it adds up quickly if you make it fun and interesting and spread it out over the course of the day. Some ideas for promoting an active lifestyle for your little one include encouraging them to join a sports team or after-school activity, taking a family walk after meals, or opting for something active like laser tag, bowling, or miniature golf instead of going to the movies or watching television. We spent so much time in these laser tag places in Houston Tx during our visit to Houston last year. Also, feel free to give your children gifts that encourage physical activity such as balls, kites, hula hoops, frisbees, and jump ropes. You can also try some sports activities that use a mini katana sword and gain some knowledge of self-defense. Be sure to put a cap on their daily TV time, too – you want them outside running around! Also, remind them about the best posture for watching tv in bed. When the weather warms up, we love the idea of planting a family garden. It’s so rewarding for children to see growing flowers and vegetables after they’ve helped plant them. Keep your garden clean by using appliances recommended by Appliance Hunter. The garden will also encourage a discussion about healthy eating and where food comes from.

Now that you’ve got your family up and moving, make sure that they fuel up for activities and sports that may be stated on betting sites like As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s important for children (and adults) to drink enough water before, during, and after strenuous exercise. If your children prefer sweetened drinks, try mixing two ounces of 100% juice or a sports drink with six ounces of water to encourage fluid intake. Breakfast is especially important for growing and active children, so make sure they eat something before rushing out the door. We suggest whole grain cereal with lowfat milk, whole grain toast with nut butter, or a quick and easy smoothie. Fruit such as apples, bananas, and oranges makes the perfect portable snack when days are jam-packed with school and activities. Pair the fruit with a protein source such as nuts, cheese, or yogurt for lasting energy. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more meal and snack ideas that your kids will love!

To learn more about healthy eating plans based on age, gender, and activity level,, or contact a dietitian in your area. Family Food, LLC specializes in pediatric and family nutrition, so be sure to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions. We can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter – can’t wait to hear from you!

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I had a great 1st visit with the nutritionist. I went to get tips on changing by diet, but got much more. I was able to set a physical activity and nutrition goal. The nutritionist was knowledgeable and helpful.

I am so grateful for the stellar support and advice provided by Meghan, the dietitian I'm working with. She is both knowledgeable and kind, and it's a deeply productive journey. Thank you."


Consulting with a Family Food nutritionist is turning out to be helpful in my effort to live healthy. The consultations are a way of having a sense of accountability and I get helpful feedback on my dietary decisions.


Great nutrition experts who inspire you! I am happy with the nutrition specialists at Family Food. They make me excited about nutrition, answer all my questions, and provide excellent recommendations! Thank you!!


Very professional experience. I felt she listened to my needs and adjusted to personalize my nutrition needs.


My initial appointment was helpful - helped me consider new ways of addressing some problem areas for me and helped set attainable, concrete goals.


Insightful and Informative. She was very attentive and helpful. She gave excellent tips on what to do and eat to meet my goal weight.


I feel confident about the changes we made to my goals and look forward to implementing them into my everyday routine. The health adviser was very helpful and didn't make me feel shameful for not meeting all my previous goals.


I highly recommend Family Food. The nutritionist, Erika is helpful and provides great information and positive feedback.


I had an excellent experience with the representative from Family Food. She really read into what I was telling her and offered excellent advice that I am already able to implement after one visit. She also helped to make the best use of the hour long session. Very good time management!


I met with a dietician for the first time and I had an idea of what to expect but I find this to be an invaluable resource because I have already received great ideas of things to use for meal planning and I also received more information of how to read nutrition labels. I am looking forward to my next appointment.


I really enjoyed my first session with Christine. She provided me with a lot of solid information on issues I was not aware of and positive reinforcement for behaviors I have already engaged in. I outlined specific goals I would like to work on with her guidance and she gave me some initial steps to start. I found what she had to say respectful of the space I am in and cognizant of obstacles to making lifestyle and lifelong changes.


I walked in without any specific questions/concerns, and my counseling was well-guided and ended up helping me see specific small changes that I can make to keep me on-track with my nutrition goals. Solutions fit my lifestyle and were not cookie-cutter, which is fantastic. I was able to start making improvements immediately. Thank you!


I am finding the sessions helpful and a good way to talk through improving habits and making better food choices.


I am very happy this program exists. It has been very helpful and informative. My deitition is very nice and intelligent I am happy to have her help and support.


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